Saturday, December 12, 2009

South Africa 2010 Gold coins for World Cup

South Africa has unveiled a set of new gold coins with the emblem of the 2010 World Cup. The coins are decorated with both the South African and German Coat-of-Arms a symbol of the hand-over from the 2006 German World Cup to South Africa. The coins can be bought at the Mint’s coin world shop in Midrand, for $599 each.
Deputy General Manager Natanya Van Niekerk of South Africa Mint said the quarter ounce (OZ) gold coins formed part of a special launch set for the FIFA World Cup coin series. The miniature image of Soccer City that was recently renamed and reconstructed to become one of the most artistic football venues on the African continent has been placed in the reverse of the gold coin.
The stadium will host the first and final match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. A one oz gold coin will be added on next year’s 2010 FIFA coin series as well as a series of pure silver medallions. Van Niekerk said in 2007 South Africa Mint added another coin to the series to celebrate the 2010 South African World Cup by adding a 1/10 oz coin. In 2008 three coins were introduced and in 2009, the World Cup mascot, Zakumi took centre stage on all three coins.
Source: Africa News

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