Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Argentina 5 gold pesos 2006

Obverse: The center features the picture of a headscarf, symbol which identify the Mothers and Grandmothers of May Square. The image is encircled above by the inscription “DERECHOS HUMANOS” (“human rights”) and below, by the legend “MEMORIA, VERDAD Y JUSTICIA” (“memory, truth and justice”).
Reverse: The upper part bears “REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA” (“Argentine Republic”), below the face value “5” and the word “PESOS” and the exergue, the year of minting “2006”.
Face value: 5
Weight: 8,064 g
Diameter: 22mm
Quality: proof
Composition: 900 gold / 100 cooper
Presentation: 1,000 individual boxes and 500 dual boxes (gold/silver), with acrylic case and authenticity certificate
Mint: Monnaie de Paris
Number of pieces: 1.500
Human rights are inherent to people, regardless of sex, race, age, religion, political party or social, cultural or economic condition. In the Argentine Republic, the military junta that took control of government from 1976 to 1983 left thousands of detainee-missing people as a consequence of a policy of terrorism of State.
In addition, many children, who were snatched from hundreds of mothers and pregnant women, were born in captivity and deprived of their right to know their true identity. These developments were a flagrant violation of Human Rights.
In 1976, a small group of mothers and grandmothers decided to raise their voices to the world in search of their missing children and grandchildren, identifying themselves with white scarves over their heads. From then on, and even though many Agencies for the Defence of Human Rights have denounced these crimes against humanity, this kind of scarf became the supreme symbol of this struggle.
The issuance of this series of commemorative coins, quality “Circulated” in copper-nickel and quality “Proof” in gold and silver, pays homage to both the victims of this genocide and those who have showed their commitment, effort and hope in the search of MEMORY, TRUTH, and JUSTICE over the last thirty years.
Part of the circulated pieces -5,000- come in cardboard packs with a short history and the issue specifications. Coins in these packs have a special characteristic they have a milled edge.

Source: Central Bank of Argentina

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